May 21-22, 2020 | Valencia, Spain

Welcome to Food and Nutritional Sciences 2020

4th International Conference on Food and Nutritional Sciences to be held during May 21-22, 2020 at Valencia, Spain invites Food Scientists, Nutritionists, Professors, Young Researchers, Students, Food Manufacturers, Food and Beverage Wholesalers & Retailers, Food Processors, Suppliers and Government Organizations from around the globe. The conference is a forum to discuss valuable and relative topics, alternative approaches, research processes, and provide insight into the industry and how it needs to adapt.

Food science and Nutrition are equally important and mutually dependent scientific disciplines and each have enhanced the development of an abundant, nutritious, safe food supply. Conference theme "Challenges in food and nutritional sciences in a changing world" focus on how Food and Nutritional sciences are essential to secure the world's population enough to eat for fully productive working lives today and in the future.

Renowned Speakers

Simone Schiller
Managing Director, DLG e.V

Title: Reduction of fat, sugar and salt in food: Between feasibility and consumer expectation - expert survey and technological solutions

Simone Schiller completed a butcher apprenticeship in the family business and then studied Food Technology in Berlin. In the interdisciplinary course of Health Sciences at the Technical University of Berlin she expanded her expertise. In 1997, she become the Managing Director of the Butcher Association Berlin-Brandenburg and head of the Meat Trade College Berlin. Since October 2011 she has been employed by the DLG e.V., first as a project manager for quality inspections for convenience products and since December 2012 she is responsible as Managing Director of the Competence Center Food.

Jasim Ahmed
Editors-in-Chief of Legume Science (Wiley),

Title: Addition of Nanoparticles and Essential Oils to Biodegradable Polymers for the Development of Packaging Materials and its Application for Food

Dr. Ahmed is working as a Research Scientist of Food Process Engineering and Sustainable Packaging at the Environment & Life Sciences Research Center, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), and an adjunct faculty member in the School of Packaging beginning 2019. Dr. Ahmed has extensive research and academic experiences with over 25 years in the Food Material Science and Packaging from Asia to North America. Dr. Ahmed worked as a Research Scientist at McGill University, Canada and Research Director at Polymer Source Inc., Montreal, Canada. He is a Professional member of the Institute of Food Technology.

Joris Geelen
Partner, Food Compliance International
Brussels, Belgium

Title: Botanicals in food supplements

Joris is a partner based in Brussels with an unrivaled knowledge of the scientific and regulatory aspects of botanicals used in food, supplements and other products. During his years at the Belgian Ministry of Health, he acquired a vast experience in notifications and mutual recognition procedures in the EU. He follows closely all developments on novel foods, quality and safety requirements for nutrients, plants and other substances. Joris started his professional career at a multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company where he acquired an in-depth knowledge of technical and scientific data, crucial to identify the ideal approach to market products. He then worked for seven years in the Belgian Ministry of Health where he gained his knowledge of European food law, food supplements and traditional herbal medicines.

Majid Hajifaraji
Research Associate Professor,

Title: The effects of probiotic supplementation in prevention of the hyperglycemia induced maternal hypertension

Majid Hajifaraji is a Research Associate Professor. He received his PhD in the field of clinical nutrition from Kings College London in 2005. He was director of National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute, dean of Faculty of from 2010-2015 and head of WHO- Collaborating Centre for Nutrition Training and Research & WHO-EMRO regional advisor (2010-2014). He is a member of the National Board of Nutrition and academy of Medical Sciences, Iran. He has over 60 publications that have been cited over 740 times. He has been serving as Chair and Editor-in-chief, Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences Research.

Denis Poncelet
Senior Consultant, Encap Process

Title: Encapsulation using dripping: from fundamental to industrial production

Professor in Food engineering, He has been involved in developing microencapsulation methods since 1986. He devoted the last 30 years on the development of micro encapsulation system from fundamental (chemistry, physico-chemistry) to very applied research (optimization of industrial process up to several tons per weeks). Author of more than 100 papers in the domain, he is president of the Bioencapsulation Research Group since 1992 and organized more than 70 microencapsulation conferences, training schools and industrial conventions.