May 21-22, 2020 | Valencia, Spain


About Food and Nutritional Sciences 2020

4th International Conference on Food and Nutritional Sciences to be held during May 21-22, 2020 at Valencia, Spain invites Food Scientists, Nutritionists, Professors, Young Researchers, Students, Food Manufacturers, Food and Beverage Wholesalers & Retailers, Food Processors, Suppliers and Government Organizations from around the globe. The conference is a forum to discuss valuable and relative topics, alternative approaches, research processes, and provide insight into the industry and how it needs to adapt.

Food science and Nutrition are equally important and mutually dependent scientific disciplines and each have enhanced the development of an abundant, nutritious, safe food supply. Conference theme "Challenges in food and nutritional sciences in a changing world" focus on how Food and Nutritional sciences are essential to secure the world's population enough to eat for fully productive working lives today and in the future.

Conference Aim: The conference is to provide a forum to present and discuss to meet needs of humankind sustainable. We believe that this conference can become a platform in finding new and more sustainable ways of addressing food global issue to meet the need of growing population and challenging lifestyle.

The viable administration of sustenance admission and nourishment are both key to great well-being. Shrewd sustenance and nourishment decisions can help forestall ailment. Eating the correct nourishments can enable our body to adapt all the more effectively to a progressing sickness. Seeing great sustenance and focusing on what we eat can enable us to keep up or improve our health.