May 21-22, 2020 | Valencia, Spain

Venue & Tourism

Of course, Spain is a popular vacation destination in its own right, welcoming more than 80 million foreign visitors in 2017. Some come to explore the streets of Barcelona and Madrid, some hit the golf courses, while others head straight to the beach. If you’re vacationing in Spain anyway, it can be a good opportunity to access cheap dental care. Alternatively, if you’re coming predominantly for dental work, you’ll still find plenty to do during your free time. One of the great things about traveling abroad for dental implants or other work is the chance to enjoy a holiday, get your teeth fixed, and still save money compared to private treatment costs back home.

In a dreamy seaside setting, this balmy Mediterranean port town lives up to the local saying "a piece of heaven fallen to earth." Under the warm rays of the southern sun, the town's palm-fringed plazas are full of life, and its churches sparkle with brightly colored azulejo domes. As the old capital of the kingdom of Valencia, the city is rich in cultural heritage. Magnificent historic monuments, such as the 15th century Silk Exchange, the 18th century Marquise Palace, and the Museum of Fine Arts, tell the story of a wealthy merchant and aristocratic past.

Tourist Attractions in Valencia, Spain

  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
  • Las Fallas Festival
  • Oceanografic Valencia
  • La Lonja de Seda
  • Mercado Central
  • Catedral de Valencia
  • Bioparc Valencia

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